The concept of Personal Shopping Milano was created with the idea of providing our customers with a service of professionalism and style while satisfying all their shopping requirements. Within this unique shopping experience, our services ensure exclusivity, and anonymity as well as ensuring that our shopping tour will take you to the finest shops allowing you to optimise your time and money!

We have designed a range of shopping itineraries for our clients, however you have the option of requesting a more personalised tour in accordance with your needs. (Additions include: Advice and Consultation Services)

Personal Shopping Milano is available throughout the day, for several days or just a few hours.

By booking in advance and providing us with detailed information such as your style preferences, you will enjoy a more personalised and exclusive experience. After initial contact with a client, the personal shopper will organize a customized tour based on the demands of the customer (budget, time availability and preferences).

Rates are decided according to the type of tour that is designed and services required. Please give a general outline of your shopping needs and the Advisor will be able to give you an estimated price- free of charge. Payments may be made by means of cash, bank transfer or credit card.